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SWP No. 106.18

( Testimony of William Rayment Jr. for Elizabeth Proctor)

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[+ August 5, 1692 ]

The testimony of william Rayment aged 26 years or there abouts testifieth & saith that I being at the house of leftint Ingesone . some time in the later end of march: there discoursing conserning. the examying of severall person suspected for witches: I was saying that I hard that goody procter was to be examyned to morrow to which goody ingersone replyed she did not beleve it for she heard nothing of it; some of The afflicted persons being present one of them or more cryed out there is goody procter there is goody procter and old wich Ile have har hung goody ingerson Sharply reproved them: then they semed to make. a Jest of it

(On reverse side of paper) Wm. Rayment.

( Essex Institute Collection, No. 26. Peabody Essex Museum. Salem, MA. also Essex County Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1, no. 98)