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SWP No. 32.4

( Deposition of Thomas Boarman v. Rachel Clenton )

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[+ April 4, 1692 ]

This Deposition of Thomas Boarman sen'or aged 47 This Deponent
testifieth and saith that som wimen of worth and quality: Desired
me To Aquaint the seven men that Rachell Clinton was a great Diss-
turber unto them in the house in hunching them with hur Elboo: as
they went by hur s'd Clinton , and then the same Day ther I the
s'd Boarman : Desired the seven men to take som Cear the Rachell Clenton : might be for warned: not to com in to Thoes wimens house,
no more to Dissturbe them, and as I the s'd Boarman was Riding
whom: that night after I had bin, Before me Like a Cat as I Apper-
prehended : and then I looked wistfully upon it; and it Semed to be
sumething Like a Littell Doge: and then I pursued it: and it Kept
the same Distance in the parth before me: all though I Road heard
after it I could not over take it, then I looked once [to] my right
hand: and I saw a Grat Turkle that moved as fast as I Roud a Long:
and Then I thought of Rachell Clinton then the Littell Creature and
the Turkle vanished away: and further saith not.

( Suffolk Court Files, vol. 31, docket 2660, p. 140. )