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SWP No. 16.18

(Deposition of Sarah Bibber v. Mary Bradbury )

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[September 9, 1692 ]

[Torn] Deposistion of sarah vibber who testifieth and saith [torn]
have along time ben afflected by a woman which tould me hir name
was Mis Bradbery and that she came from Salisbury but on the 2 day of July 1692 being the day of the Ex[abar ][mbar ][ibar ][nbar ] of Mis Mary Bradbery I
was most greviously tormented by hir dureing the time of hir Exami-
nation : tho for a good while she would not let me se hir parsonally
but at last I saw hir and then I saw that it was the very same wom-
an that tould me hir name was Mis Bradbery and she has most grev-
iously affleted me sence that time allso I have seen Mis Bradbury or
Hir [Torn] perance severall times afflecting the bodyes of mary
walcott and [Torn] tnam and I beleve in my heart that mis Bradbery
is a [Torn] nd that she has often afflected and tormented me and the

[Torn] med persons by hir acts of wicthcraft

[Torn] bber ownd to Jury of Inquest that the above written evidence
is the truth upon her oath

[Torn] 1692

(Reverse) Sarry wibber


Sarah [Lost]

( Witchcraft Papers, no. 13, Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston, MA.. )