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SWP No. 16.5

( Testimony of Thomas Bradbury for Mary Bradbury )

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[July 28, 1692]

July the 28: 1692

Concerning my beloved wife Mary Bradbury this is that I have to
say: wee have been maried fifty five yeare: and shee hath bin a
loveing & faithfull wife to mee, unto this day shee hath been wonder-
full laborious dilligent & Industryous in her place and imployment,
about the bringing up o'r family (w'ch have bin eleven children of
o'r owne, & fower grand-children: shee was both prudent, & provi-
dent : of a cheerful Spiritt liberall Charitable: Shee being now very
aged & weake, & greived under her affliction may not bee able to
speake much for herselfe, not being so free of Speach as some others
may bee: I hope her life and conversation hath been such amongst
her neighbours, as gives a better & more reall Testimoney of her,
then can bee exprest by words.

own'd by mee

*Tho: Bradbury .
(Reverse) Capt Bradberys testamony of his wif
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft, Vol. 2 p. 36 )