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SWP No. 63.19

( Testimony of William Allen , John Hughes , William Good , and Samuel Braybrook v. Sarah Good , Sarah Osborne , and Tituba )

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[March 5, 1692 ]

March 5'th 1691/2

Wm Allin saith that on the 1'st of March att night he heard a strange noyse not useually heard, and so continued for many times so that hee was afrighted and coming nearer to it he there saw a strange and unuseall beast lyeing on the Grownd so that goeing up to it the s'd Beast vanished away and in the s'd place strate up 2 or 3 weemen and flew from mee not after the manner of other weemen but swiftly vanished away out of our sight which weemen wee took to bee Sarah Good Sarah Osburne and Tittabe the time was a bout an hour within night and I John Hughes saith the same beeing in Company then w'th s'd allin. as wittness our hands

*william Allen

*john hughes

William Allen further saith that on the 2'd day of march the s'd Sarah Good vissabley appeared to him in his chamber s'd allen beeing in bed and brought an unuseuall light in w'th her the s'd Sarah came and sate upon his foot the s'd allen went to kick att her upon which shee vanished and the light with her

william Good saith that the night before his s'd wife was Examined he saw a wart or tett a little belowe her Right shoulder which he never saw before and asked Goodwife Engersol whether she did not see it when shee searched her

John Hughes. further saith that on the 2'd day of march that comeing from Goodman Sibleys a boute Eight of the clock in the night hee saw a Great white dogg whome he came up to but he would not stire but when He was past hee the s'd dogg followed him about 4 or 5 pole and so disapeared the same night the s'd John Hughes beeing in Bed in a clossd Roome and the dore being fast so that no catt nor dogg could come in the said John saw a Great light appeare in the s'd Chamber and Risseing up in his bed he saw a large Grey Catt att his beds foot

March the 2'd Sam'l Brabrook saith that Carrieng Sarah Good to ippswich the said Sarah leapt of her horse 3 times which was Between 12 and 3 of the clock of the same day w'ch the daughter of Thomas Puttman declared the same att her fathers house the s'd Brabrook further saith that s'd Sarah Good tould him that shee would not owne her selfe to bee a wicth unless she is provd one shee saith that there is but one Evidence and thats and Indian and therefore she fears not and so Continued Rayling against the Majestrates and she Endevered to kill herselfe

(Reverse) Allin &c ag't Sarah Good

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 10 )