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SWP No. 137.24

( Samuel Wilkins v. John Willard )

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The Deposistion of Samuell wilknes aged about 19 years who testifieth and saith that sence Jno: willard has ben in prizson I have been afflected in a strange kind of maner for about the later end of June or begining of July as I was a weaveing the yarn broak exceeding fast: and as. I was a tying a thread I had a stroak on my hand like a knife the blood being almost Redy to com out and I was also pinched several times by an unseen hand: also Riding to marblehead Just as I came to forrist River Bridge I was immediatly seazed with a violent wait on my back and I saw a black hate: and was Immediatly pulled ofe my horse or mare and almost pulled into the Rivere: but: holding fast at last I gott up againe: awhile affter as I was once in the woods and a goeing hom & a little boy with me: I thought I must run: and I said: to the boy let us Run: and as soon as I Ran there was a black hate Run a long by me: a while affter one morning about an hour by sun I was afflected and I saw John willard or his Apperance with a darke collored coot and a black hate very like that hate which I formmorly saw: a litle while after this one night as soon as I was abed John willard whom I very well knew or his Appearanc came in to the Room where I was a bed: and another man and woman along with him which I did not know and they tould me they would cary me away before morning.