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SWP No. 131.2

(Recognizance for Martha Tyler and Johanna Tyler )

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That on the Thirteenth day of Jan'ry 1692, in the Fourth year of the Reigne of our Sovereigne Lord & Lady William & Mary by the Grace of God of England &c & Queen Defenders of the faith &c Personally appeared before W'm Stoughton Esq'r Cheife Justice of their Maj'ies Province of the Massachusets bay in New England Hopstill Tyler & Jno Bridges both of Andiver Blacksmiths in the County of Essex & acknowledged themselves to be joyntly & severally indebted unto our sd Sovereigne Lord & Lady & the survivor of them their Heires & Successers in the Sum of one Hundred Pounds to be levied on their or either of their Lands and Tenniments goods, & Chattles for the use of our sd: Soverigne Lord & Lady the King & Queen or Survivor of them on Condition that Martha Tyler & #(Abigale) Johana Tyler haveing stood Committed for Suspition of Witchcraft shall make their [pbar ]sonall appearance before the Justices of our sd Lord & Lady the King & Queen at the next Court of Assizes & Generall Goale Delivery to be holden for the County of Essex then & there to answer to all Such matters & things as shall in their Maj'ties behalfe be alleadged against them & to do & receive that which by the sd Court shall be then & there Injoyned them & thence not to departe without licence


*Jona Elatson Cle[rbar ]


Recog Hopestill Tyler &

Jno Bridges

May 10 Appear ]

Martha #(for) Tyler & #(Abigall) Johana Tyler

( Mass. Archives, Vol. 135 No. 1 )