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SWP No. 18.3

(Examination of Mary Bridges, Jr. )

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[August 25, 1692 ]

Mary Bridges: An Andover Maid was examined before Jno Hawthorn
Esq'rs & other Their Majest'ies in Salem: August 25 1692

Mary Bridges you are acused here for acting witchcraft upon Martha Sprage & Rose foster how long have you bin in this Snare: she
Answered about a month but after ward s'd was since the spring: She
s'd a yellow bird appeared to her: out of dores: & bid her serve him:
he promised me mony s'd she and fine Cloathes & I promised to
serve him: & I was to afflict: Martha Spreag but: he gave me neither
money nor fine Clothes: she s'd she thought when he appeared: it
was the Devil & she was to serve him two years: then was: to be his
body & soul: she owned she had bin babtized by him. Then she was
bid to goe take the two afflicted persons by the hand & she did
& they were not hurt. --

She s'd the next time she saw any such shape: it was a black bird
& he would have her serve him & would have her to touch a paper:
which she did with her fingers & it made a red mark: she s'd she did
not dip her finger in any thing when she made the mark then she saw
next a black man she owned she was at the witch meeting at Chand-
lers at Andover a fortnight ago] #[last week & she thought there were near a hundred at
it she s'd her shape was there: she s'd she knew not that her mother
was a witch but she knew her sister suzanna Post & Sarah were so:
the way of her afflicting was by sticking pins into things and Clothes
& think of hurting them: & she s'd the Dead tought her this way of
afflicting on the black man: she s'd she had afflicted only these 2:
that complayned: only: she afflicted one the other night she knew
not but that it might be Mary Warin: she thought it might be she:
the Devil told her she should never be brought out: she s'd they
Drank Sack at the witch meeting at Andover: it stood there in potts
& they drawed it out of a barrill: she knew but few there but s'd
Good wife foster & Carrier was there: she also s'd she rod to Salem
village meeting upon a pole & the black man Carried the pole over
the tops of the trees: & there they promised on another to afflict

I und'r written being appointed by Authority to take the above ex-
amination doe testify upon oath taken in Court: that this is a true
copy of the substance of it to the best of my knowledge Jan'y 10'th

*Simon Willard
Mary Bridges was Examined before their Majesties Justices of the
peace in Salem attest
*John Higginson Just'e peace
Simon Willard owned the above: written: to be the truth: to the best
of his knowledge before: the grand Inquest Jan'y 10'th 1692
*Robert Payne
( Suffolk Court Files, vol. 32, docket 2729, p. 73, Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, Judicial Archives, Massachusetts State Archives. )