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SWP No. 92.7

(Summons for Witnesses)

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[June 27, 1692]

William & Mary By the Grace of God of England Scotland France & Ireland King [King] & Queen defend'rs of the faith &ca.

To John Allen Barnard Peache Joseph Ringg William Browne Jarvis Ringg. James Freeze John Kimball John Pressy Ensigne Joseph Knight Mr John Atkison & his wife & Son & mary the wif of nathaniell whitteer the wife John pressy & Jon Kembal Greeting --

We Command you and Every of you all Excuses Set apart to be and appear at the Speciall Court of Oyer & Terminer holden at Salem the 28th of this Instant month then & there to testify the truth to the best of their knowledge On Severall Indictments to be Exhibited against Susanna Martin of Amesberry hereof make Return fail not

dated in Salem June 27th. 1692 & in the fourth year of Our Reign.

L.S. *Step: Sewall Cler.

To the Sheriff of Essex or deputy or Constables of Newbury Salsbury & Amesbury Greeting --

also warn those persons that wth. James freeze or at any other time heard Susanna Martin Threaten relating to John Allens Oxen or any other thing whatsoever & make return as above

*Step: Sewall Cler.

28. June 92 by vertue of this Supeny. then was. warned mr. John. Atkinson. his wife. and his Son. nathaniel to make theire. pars'll. apperance at the Court of oyer and terminer holden at Salem 28:: of this instant.June: ensigne Joseph Knight . was warned before by me

Samuel hills consta'll for newbury

This or these supenys weare observed & served upon the severall persons therein mentioned according to ye tenour thereof namly upon Mr John Allin: & Barnard Peach & Joseph Ring & william Browne & Jarviss Ring & Mary the wife of Nathaniell Whitiher: & the same read to them the twenty ninth of this Instant June Anno: 1692

p me *Joseph Eaton Constable for sallisbury

This supeny was served according to the tenor theareof upon the persons thearin mentioned belonging to our towne Namly upon John Pressy & his wife & John Kimball & his wife & the same read to them the 29th of this Instant June Anno: 1692:

p me *Joseph Lankister sen'r Constable for Amsbury

(Reverse) Subpena Con Susan Martin

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 no. 176. )