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SWP No. 34.1

(Complaint of Mary Brown v. Sarah Cole )

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[October 1, 1692 ]

The Complaint Mary Browne of Reding Evidence against Sarah Cole wife of John Cole of Lyn: Cooper // Complaineth folowth --
That the aboves'd Sarah Colle bodyly Appeared to mee and that In
her full shapp and person: both night and day: and hath threatened
me. sorely what Shee would do to me: hath come to my bedd Sid
[] & feel much Disturbing of me & puting me to grat paine both
strang and Unwonted Such pains as In all my Illness past have not
met w'th such pains: // and I must say I do think the s'd Sarah Colle
(Is by gods purmition) Is the Cauess of this my Illness and that By
acts of witchcraftes done & acted on my body & mind: This hath
been all maner and Custome for the most part of the later part of
september past: but I got some frinds to goe to speek to hur about
a week past: & since that time I have not seen her but Remaine
under the lik Illness as before and beleive that she Is acting her part
to the [the] rouning of my family: as farr as god doth give Sow//
my self and children have often heard lik the throwing of stone
against the house and creatures crying like catts upon the Roffe of
the house but where running there, was like dogs or bigger creatures
for the [end of] the Ross Creke.

The 1st of
October 1692

*Mary Browne
(Reverse) These mey Certify that I Mary Browne with In named hev Desiered
Good man Benjemien Larrobe to Carey this my Compliant to Au-
thority // hoo will act according to their wisdom for my Relief://
My son being Ille At this time// and my selfe apoor and afflicted
person be
( Suffolk Court Files, vol. 32, docket no. 2712 p. 49, Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, Judicial Archives, Massachusetts State Archives. Boston, MA. )