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SWP No. 22.4

(Examination of George Burroughs)

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[May 9, 1692]

The Examination of Geo: Burrough 9.May.1692

By the
Wm. Stoughton
John Hallum
Sam: Sewall
Jonath: Corwin

Being asked when he partood of the Lord's Supper, he being (as
he said) in full communion at Roxbury.
He answered it was so long since he could not tell: yet
he owned he was at meeting one Sab: at Boston
part of the day, & the other at Charlstown part
of a Sab: when that sacrament happened to be
at both, yet did not partake of either.
He denyed that his house at Casko was haunted.
Yet he owned there were Toads.
He denyed that he made his wife swear, that
she should not write to her Father Ruck without
his approbation of her letter to her Father:
He owned that none of his children, but the Eldest
was Baptized.
The abovesd was in private none of
the Bewitched being present
At his entry into the Room, many (if not
all of the Bewitched) were greivously tortured.

1. Sus: sheldon testifyed that Burroughs two wives
appeared in their winding sheets, & said that
man killed them [Lost]
He was bid to look upon sus: sheldon.
He looked back & knockt down all (or more)
of the afflicted, wo stood behind him.Sus: Sheldon.. . [Lost) the souldiers.

2. Mercy Lewis deposition going to be read & he
lookt upon her & she fell into a
dreadfull & tedious fit

Capt Wormwood testifyed about the Gun &
the Mallossoes
He denyed that about the Mallossoes
About the Gun he said he took it before the
lock & rested it upon his breast
John Brown testifyed about a bll Cyder
He denyed that his family was affrighted by a
white calf in his house.
Capt Putman testifyed that he made his wife
enter into a covenant

Abig: Hobbs in prison affirmed that Geo: Burroughs
in his Shape appeared to her, & urged [her to set] [words faint]
hand to the Book, which she did; & after
--wards in his own person he acknowledged to
her, that he had made her set her hand to
the Book.