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SWP No. 21.1

(Examination of Sarah Buckley

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[May 18, 1692]

18. May. 1692)

Abig: Williams said this is the Woman that hath bit me with her
scragged teeth a great many times

Mary Walcot , Ann Putman , & Susan: Sheldon unable to speak

Mercy Lewis said she see her upon her feet last night. Mary Walcotts
testimony read

Eliz: Hubbard said I see her last sab: day hurt Mary Walcot in the
meeting house but I do not know that she hurt me

Ann Putmans testimony read

Mary Warren said that she saw this Woman & a great company & that
this Woman would have her the said Warren go to their Sacrament up
to Mr Parris

#[Eliz: Hubbard] Suzan: Sheldon said this Woman hath tore her to
peices & tempted her with the book

Ann Putman carried to this Examinant in a fit was made well upon
the Examinants grasping her Arm

Suzan Sheldon the like.

Mary Warren the like.

When the examinant was pressed to confess she said she did not hurt
them: she was Innocent --

Suzan: Sheldon said there is the Black man whispering in her ear

This is a true copy of the #[Original] [of the] substance of the
Original Examination of the aboves'd Sarah Buckley . Witness my
hand upon my Oath taken this day in Court. 15 Sept'r 1692