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SWP No. 21.6

(Deposition of Elizabeth Hubbard v. Sarah Buckley )

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[September 14, 1692]

The Deposistion of Eliz. Hubberd who testifieth and saith that I
cannot say that ever goody Buckly hurt me but on the 18'th may 1692 being the day of the Exami[nbar ] of Sarah Buckly the wife of wil- liam Buckly I saw hir or Apperan[c]e torment and afflete mary walcott and Ann putnam #[& also severall times sence] & I do be-
leve : that the s'd Buckly is a witch: & afflicted the above named
persons by witchcraft:

Eliz Hubbert: owned to the grand Inquest that: the above written
evidence is the truth: Sept'r 14 1692