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SWP No. 21.3

(Testimony of William Hubbard for Sarah Buckley )

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[June 20, 1692 ]

These may Certifye whom it may

These are to Certyfye whom it may or shall concerne that I have
known Sarah the wife of William Buckly of Salem village more or
less: ever since she was #[borut] brought out of England w'ch is
above fifty years agoe and during all the time I never knew nor heard
of any evill in her carriage or conversation unbecomming a christian:
likewise she was bred up by christian parents all the time she lived
here att Ipswich I further Tasiffye that the said Sarah was admitted
as a member into the church of Ipswich above forty years since: and
that I never heard from others or observed by my selfe any thing of
her that was inconsistent with her profession or unsuitable to chris-
tianity either in word deed or conversation and am straingly surprized
that any person should speake or thinke of her as one worthy to be
susspicted of any such crime that she is now charged with in testi-
mony hereof I have here sett my hand this 20'th of June 1692