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SWP No. 21.7

(Testimony of Mary Walcott v. Sarah Buckley )

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[September 14, 1692]

Mary Walcott Aged Sixteen yeares Testifieth and Saith that on the
12'th of may 1692 in the Evening I saw the Apparition of goody Buckly come to me and hurt me and tortord me most dreadfully by
pinching and choaking of me and twesting of my nick several times
and she brought me a book and would have me write my name in it
or elce give my consent that she might write it for me. I told her
that I would not touch her book nor write in it, nor give consent to
her tho she killd me then she choaked me and many times she said
that she would kill me that night if she had power for to do it I tould
her that I did not fear hur I told her that god is above the devil: and
I hope that he would deliver me out of her hands and the devils to
and several times she has bet me and several other times sence she
has tormented me also I being caried up to wills hill on the [16]'th
of may to see the affle[tbar ]d persons there: I saw there the apperish-
tion of gooddy Buckly afflecting daniell willknes: also on the day of
the Examination of [of] Sarah Buckly being the 18'th may 1692
sarah Buckly or hir Apperanc did most greviously torment me dure-
ing the time of hir Exa[mbar ] : for if she did but look upon me she would
strick me down or allmost choak me also on the day of hir Examina-
tion I saw Sarah Buckly or hir Apperanc most greviously torment the
bodyes of Abigail williams #[mercy lewes] and Ann putnam and I
veryly beleve in my heart that Sarah Buckly is a wicth and that she
has often affleted me and the aforesaid persons by acts of wicthcraft.
Mary Wolcot owned the truth of the above written evidence: to: the
grand Inquest

Sept'r 14. 1692 upon oath

[Reverse] [Hand 4] Mary Walcot agt G. Buckley [Hand 5] Jur in Cur. ( Massachusetts Archives Collection, vol. 135, no. 43. Massachusetts State Archives. Boston. )