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SWP No. 63.22

(Deposition of Susannah Sheldon v. Sarah Good )

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[June 28, 1692 ]

The Deposition of Susannah Shelden agged about 18 years who testifieth and saith that sence I have ben afflected I have very often ben most greviously tortored by Apperishtion of Sarah Good who has most dredfully afflected me by bitting pricking and pinching me and almost choaking me to death but on the 26. June 1692 Sarah good most violently pulled down my head behind a Cheast and tyed my hands together with a whele band & allmost Choaked me to death and also severall times sence the Apperishtion of Sarah good has most greviously tortored me by biting pinching and almost Choaking me to death: also william Battin and Thomas Buffington Juner ware forced to cutt the whele band from ofe my hands for they could not unty it

And farther s'd Sheldon upon giving in this testimony to the grand jury was seized with sundry fits w'ch. when she came to her self she told the s'd jury being aske that it was s'd. Good that afflicted her & a little after Mary Warren falling into a fit s'd. Sheldon affirmed to the Grand jury that she saw s'd Good upon her, & also a sauser being by invisible hands taken of from a Table & carried out of doors s'd. Sheldon affirmed she saw said Sarah Good carry it away & put it where it was found abroad.

Susanah Shelden: oned this har testimony to be the truth before the Juriars of Inquest on the oath which she had taken this. 28. of June 1692.

(Reverse) Susannah Sheldon Ag't Sarah Good

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 no. 23 )