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SWP No. 22.33

( Deposition of John Putnam, Sr. and Rebecca Putnam v. George Burroughs )

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[+ May 9, 1692]

the Deposition of John putnam & Rebecah his wife testifieth
and saith that in the yeare:80: Mr Burros lived in our house nine
month, there being a great differanc betwixt Sd Barros & his wife,
the differanc was so great that they did Desier us the deponants
to com into their room to hear their difference, the contrivercy
that was betwixt them was that the afor s'd Burros did rquier his
wife to give him a written covenant under her hand and Seall that
shee would never reveall his secrits, our anser was that they had
once made a covenant before god and men which covenant we did
conseive did bind each other to keep their lawfull secrits, and further
saith that all the time that s'd Burros did live att our house he was
a very sharp man to his wife, notwithstanding to our observation
shee was a very good and dutifully wife to him

Jurat in Curia
(Reverse) Jno Put[nbar ] & Reb. his wife.
( Essex Institute Collection, no. 25 )