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SWP No. 22.25

(Testimony of Elizabeth Hubbard v. George Burroughs )

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[May 9, 1692 ]

May the 9. 1692 .

Elizabeth hubord aged about 17 yers saith that the last second day at
night: There apeared a little black beard man to me in blackish
aparill I asked him his name. & he told me his name was borrous,
Then he tooke a booke out of his pocket: & opened it.& bid me set
my hand to it I tould him I would not: the lines in this book was
read as blod; then he pinched me twise & went away: The next morn-
ing .he apeared to me againe.and tould me he was above a wizard; for
he was a conjurar and so went away but sins that he hath apeared
to me every day & night very often and urged me very much to set
my hand to his book: and to run a way telling me if I would do so
I should be well & that I should need feare no body: & withall tor-
mented me severall ways every time he Came exept that time he told
me he was a conjuror: This night he asked me very much to set my
hand to his book or else he sayed he would kill me; withall tortor-
ing me very much by biting and pinching squesing my body and
runing pins into me also on the: 9'th may 1692 being the time of
his examination mr George Burroughs or his Apperance did most
greviously afflect and torment the bodyes of Mary Walcott mercy lewes Ann putnam and Abigail williams for if he did but look upon
them he would strick them down or almost choak them to death also
severall times sence he has most dreadfully afflected and tormented
me with variety of torments and I beleve in my heart that mr George Burroughs is a dreadfull wizzard and that he has often tormented
me and also the above named parsons by his acts of wicthcraft

Jurat in Curia
Eliz Hubbard.declared:the above written evedence:to be the
truth: upon her oath:that she had taken.this she owned before the
Jury of inquest: Aug'st 3 1692
(Reverse) Eliz: Hubbert ag't burroughs
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 2, no. 30 )