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SWP No. 22.3

(Warrant for apprehension of George Burroughs and Officer's Return ) [April 30, 1692 ]

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To Jno Partredg field Marshal

You are Required in their Maj'sts names to aprehend the body of
mr George Buroughs at present preacher at Wells in the provence
of Maine, & Convay him with all Speed to Salem before the Mages-
trates there, to be Examened, he being Suspected for a Confederacy
with the devil in opressing of Sundry about Salem as they relate. I
having Receved perticuler Order from the Govern'r & Council of
their Maj'sts Colony of the Masathusets, for the Same, you may not
faile herein,

Dated in portsmouth in the provenc of Hamshire. Aprel.30'th 1692

*Elisha Hutchinson Maj'r
By Virtue of this warrant I Apprehended s'd George Burroughs and
have Brought him to Salem and Delievered him to the Authority
there this fourth day of May 1692
*John Partridge feild marshall of the
Provence of newhansher and maine
( Witchcraft Papers, no. 1, Massachusetts Historical Society. )
(Reverse) Warrant agt Burroughs
[Hand 5] ye Marchalls Returne