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SWP No. 22.30

(Mary Walcott v. George Burroughs )

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[August 3, 1692]

The Deposition of Mary Walcott agged about 17 years who testi-
fieth and saith that on the later end of April 1692: mr. George Burroughs or his Apperance came to me whom I formerly well
knew: and he did Immediatly most greviously torment me by biting
pinching and almost choacking me urging me to writ in his book:
which I refusing he did -- againe most greviously torment me and
tould me if I would but touch his book I should be well but I tould
him I would not for all the world and then he threated to kil me and
said I should never witnes against him: but he continewed tortering
and tempting me tell the 8 may: and then he tould me he would
have kiled his first wife and child: when his wife was in travil but he had not the power: but he
keept hir in the kithin tell he gave hir hir deaths wound.but he
charged me in the name of his God I should not tell of it:but Im-
mediatly there appeared to me mr.Burroughs two first wives in their
winding sheets whom I formerly well knew and tould me that mr. Burroughs had murthered them and that their blood did crie for
vengance againt him: also on the 9'th may being the day of his ex-
amination he did most greviously torment me dureing the time of
his examination for if he did but look on me he would strick me
down or allmost Choake me: also dureing his examination I saw
mr. George Burroughs or his Apperane most greviously torment
mercy lewes Eliz Hubb [e] rt Abigail william and Ann putnam and I
beleve in my heart that mr. George Burroughs is a dreadful wizzard lb> and That he had often afflected and tormented me and the afore
mentioned parsons by his acts of wicthcraft

Mary Walcot declared this writing to be a true evidence: to the Jury
of Inquest Aug'st 3 1692 upon the oath she has taken