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SWP No. 22.31

(Summons for John Pierce and John Lane )

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[August 4, 1692]

Wm & Mary by the Grace of God of England Scotland france &
Ireland King & queen defend'rs of the faith &ca --

Wee Comand you to Warn & give Notice unto John Pierce and John lane that they & Every of them be & personaly app'r forthwith at
the pr'sent Court of Oyer & Termin'r holden at Salem to Testify
the truth to the best of thier knowledge on certain Indicm'ts Ex-
hibited against mr George Burrough hereof Make return fail Not
dated in Salem Aug't 4'th 1692 in the fourth yeare of Our Reign

*Stephen Sewall , Cler.
To the Constable of Manchester
August 4'th I have Sumoned the above named that thay and Each
of them att time and place above written by me
*John Ley
( Witchcraft Papers 7b, Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston, MA., Boston, MA., Boston )