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SWP No. 32.8

(Deposition of Thomas Burnam Jr. v. Rachel Clinton)

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[+ March 30, 1692 ]

The Depsition of Thomas Burnam junr aged: 48:
years who testifieth & saith yt som years
sinc one sumer one of my Cows was very
often milked & som times tow of them in
my yard by my house: & thinking to Cach
ye milker: I took paines & watched & one with
me & thos nights yt I watched my Cowes were
not milked & I arose one night a Litele
before day: & stood in my indien Corn near
whare my Cowes Lay & sone I saw a
female stand in ye midele of ye yeard. whar
ye cowes ware which by hear atier I thought
was Rachell Hatfell ^Clenton^ which as I thought uanished
a way: & a nother night I a rose before day &
walked in ye street & just one ye breaking of
day Came sudingly to my yeard wheare my
Cowes Lay & that Cow that was most comonly
milked stood & a parson a milking which
presenly glanced from ye cow in ye Lickenesse
of a gray Cat & run up ye back side of my
house Scraching upon ye Shingells a bought
fourty foot: & so ouer ye top of my house & further

saith not=

(in a different hand) Except yt ye Spring following
the same Cow was found dead on ye Common, not mired nor Cast.
nor throw poverty, or any Disease yt we know of.

Collection 77, Box 1, Folder 19, Maine Historical Society, Portland, ME.