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SWP No. 23.1

(Examination of Candy )

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[July 4, 1692 ]

SALEM, Monday, July 4, 1692 . The examination of Candy, a
negro woman, before Bartholomew Gedney and John Hawthorne
Esqrs. Mr. Nicholas Noyes also present.

Q. Candy ! are you a witch? A. Candy no witch in her country.
Candy's mother no witch. Candy no witch, Barbados. This country,
mistress give Candy witch. Q. Did your mistress make you a witch in
this country? A. Yes, in this country mistress give Candy witch.
Q. What did your mistress do to make you a witch? A. Mistress bring
book and pen and ink, make Candy write in it. Q. What did you write
in it? -- She took a pen and ink and upon a book or paper made a
mark. Q. How did you afflict or hurt these folks, where are the pup-
pets you did it with? -- She asked to go out of the room and she
would shew or tell; upon which she had liberty, one going with her,
and she presently brought in two clouts, one with two knots tied in
it, the other one; which being seen by Mary Warren, Deliverance Hobbs and Abigail Hobbs, they were greatly affrighted and fell into
violent fits, and all of them said that the black man and Mrs. Hawkes
and the negro stood by the puppets or rags and pinched them, and
then they were afflicted, and when the knots were untied yet they
continued as aforesaid. A bit of one of the rags being set on fire, the
afflicted all said they were burned, and cried out dreadfully. The
rags being put into water, two of the aforenamed persons were in
dreadful fits almost choaked, and the other was violently running
down to the river, but was stopped.