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SWP No. 25.2

(Examination of Richard Carrier and Andrew Carrier

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[July 22, 1692]

22th July 1692 Richard Carrier aged 18 years & His Brother Andrew a'bt 16 years Rich'd Carrier & his brother brought into Court who unto many Questions propounded returend Negative Answers to all & the afflicted persons s'd they Saw the black man & there Mother w'th others stand before them on the Table to Hinder there Conffession --

Q.M.L. did not Rich'd Joynee w'th. you In severall things A Yes & he burned Timo Swan w'th his Tobacco pipe Q Where was Rich'd when he did it A In Swans Chamber In Spirit Q Who Else Joyned In it A Goody Carrier My Ganmother & Mother & Rich'd Q. Was Rich'd there bodyly A his body Came to the house & his Spirit went In & did it -- Q were ye all bodyly in the Chamber A Somtimes we ware in Shapes & Somtimes in body but they did not See us She s'd further that they rod upon hand poles & the Divel also was there in the Shape of a black Man & high Crowned hatt & bid us Kill Swan by Stabing him to Death & we also Stick pinns Into his Liknes Q. and what Else had you any hott Irons or knitting Knedles A Yes we had an Iron Spindle & Rich'd Carrier ran it through or Into Swans Knee Q wher had you that Spindle A the Divel Brought it to us Q had you any quarrell w'th. him A we all Came in Upon Mrs. Bradberys Acco' or quarrel She had w'th. him Q Goody Lacey did not you hurt Swan . A No The daughter S'd. Yes Mother doe not deny it Q Goody Lacy who was in the Company A Goody Carrier & her Son Mrs. Bradbery & wee Q were not the Mother there viz foster A I know not but She Might be there Q. did You hurt him A the Divel made his Imps doe it Q w'ch way did you hurt him A there was hott Irons & the Divel held them Q. the Daughter s'd it was an Iron Spindle A yes yes it was a Spindle Q. did you practise w'th. a Tobaco. pipe A I think once Q who was it that you hurt A Timo. Swan Q who held the pipe A the Divel & his Imps Q. had You any thing for his Sicknes A ther was athing before as it were -- Goody Lacey were You in the Chamb'r w'th him A Yes [Q] w'ch way did you gett in A the Divel helped us in at the window And Mary Lacey s'd She sent in at the door Mary Lacey how maney was there A granmoth'r Goody Carrier Rich'd Carriers Mother & G. & Mrs. Bradbery & we went upon the Divel & Mrs. Bradb'y . acc't. who Came to us & brought us from our own home.

And we consented to Kill him if we were not brought out before, & here Marey Lacey Related Somthing of the Quarrell between Bradb'y . & Swan a'bt Thatching of a house -- Now Rich'd Carrier w't say you to these two Evidences that saw You w'th Timo. Swan , but Still he Denyed all -- Questions -- Mary Lacey when you went to afflict Ballard was not this man w'th You Viz Rich'd. Carrier A Yes & it was a'bt afortnight Since we went upon poles in the night we got into the house & this Rich'd. afflicted Ballard by pinching & choaking her & I was ther also when the Sider was Drawn Goody Lacey doe you Remember anything of afflicting this Ballard A Yes. and this Rich'd was there and afflicted by pinching choaking & Laying his hand on her Stomak Mary Lacey Urged Rich'd very much to Confes & S'd further that he bid her help to kill Swan & that they used to discourse togeth'r on ther Jorneys & used to tell her he would goe and afflict persons, telling him he had ahart as hard as a Rock to Deny it, she s'd further that this Rich'd told her he would Kill Goody ballard also Mary was it Richard pipe that burnt Swan A. Yes and it he did him Self & Run the Spindle into Swans knee he told me also that he would make his Broth'r one & afflict person Mary Warrin in abad fitt & blood Runing out of her Mouth. Mary Lacy S'd. that this Andrew did it. The afflicted persons were Grevously tormented that Richa'd and Andrew were Carried out to another Cambbre and there feet & hands bound a Little while after Rich'd was brought In again Q Rich'd though you have been Verry Obstinate Yett tel us how long agoe it is Since you ware taken in this Snare

A ayear Last May and Noe More Unto Many Questions Propounded he answered affermativly as followeth viz he Saw the Shape of a man In the night, he had been in twone & was Goeing home the man was Black & had a high Crowned hat he told me I was afrayd to goe home & asked me what I Should be afraid of & proffered to goe a little way w'th me, he bid me Serve him & he would Gett me New Cloaths & give me a horse, he told me also that he was Christ, & I must beleve him, & I think I did Soe, I Sett my hand to his book it was a little Red book I wrought w'th a Stick & mad a red Colour w'h it & I promised to Serve him & at parting. hee bid bid me goodnight -- the 2nd time he Apeared to me was in the Shape of a Yellow Bird And told me. he had not performed his promise but would & that Shortly -- I was to doe Service a'bt the Children & afflicted persons he told me also of Timo. Swan & I must Give him leave to afflict him he asked my Consent also to afflict Ballards wife -- I also hurt the Images of persons or the liknes of them by Sqezing anything I had amind to, betwene my hands -- The 2nd Aperance was last January, It is not above amoth Since that I began to afflict Swan , I can not tell how long it is Since that I rod to Salem Village, I was ther twice & Rod w'th Mary Lacey the Divel Carried us Somtimes in the Shape of a horse somtimes In the Shape of a Man the 1rst time he was ahorse the 2nd. time a Man, when he was a horse our pol lay a Crose the horse, when he was a man our pol was on his Sholder -- when We went to ballard he was a man we ware at ballards house and went in Somtimes at the Window & Somtimes at the Door, I goot the Sider out of the Sell'r. & Drew it in a pot belonging to the house & Drank it in the Orchard I fetcht the Sider my Self & went in my Spirit for it here Mary Lacey S'd he went in his Spirit & his body lay dead the while & out of doors he s'd it was true --

I hurt Swan in my Spirit & Struck him in the knee w'th a Spindle the Divel brought it & was then in the Shape of a black man & high Crowned hatt I afflicted frys Child by Squezing of it & I did it upon anything I had amind should represent the Child, my Mother was w'th me Somtimes but not often, -- Mother was bodyly w'th me -- I have Seen her once in her Spirit Since her Imprissonment & in the Shape of a Catt I was present when brother Signed the book & I think Mother was there also & the Divel -- I rod the 1st time on a horse & the 2nd time on a man to Salem Village & think there might be a Seventy there at Each Mettings, we mett in a Green w'ch was the Ministers paster -- And we were in two Companys at the Last I think there was a few Men w'th them I heard Sarah Good talk of a minister or two -- one of them was he that had ben at the Estward & preached once at the Village, his name Is Burroughs and he Is a little man -- I remember not the other Ministers Name I saw the Divel Open a Grate Booke & we all Sett or hands & Seales to it, the Ingagement was to afflict persons & over Come the Kingdome of Christ, & set up the Divels Kingdome & we ware to have hapy Days -- Marey Lacey S'd she heard them talk of throwing Dwone the Kingdome of Christ & Setting up the Divel on his throwne -- they ware to doe Soe throughout all the whole Country & were Enjoyned by the Divel to make as many Witches as we Could -- I know Marthra Toothaker & her Mother to be witches & they ware in Company both times -- In Goeing to the Village Metting -- Goody Lacey s'd all this was true Rich'd S'd that Toothak'r. that Dyed in prison was one too, Mary lacey then in a bad fitt afflicted, this Rich'd Could then See Toothak'r Upon her --

( Essex Institute Collection, no. 24, 3r-4r, James Duncan Phillips Library, Peabody Essex Museum, Salem. )

Q. Rich'd can you name any that ware at the mettings A. Jno. Willard Jno. Procter & his Wife Goody Nurse . Goodman Gory & his wife. Goody. how Mrs Bradbery & Goody Oliver &c. -- Jno. Willard Is a black hared Man of a Midle Statture & he told me his Name -- we heard a drum & Mary Lacey heard the Same -- Mary Lacey In a bad fitt Rich'd Sayd an kurse upon her & S'd. further that that man was at Salem Village Metting -- I was w'th ballards wife I Think I have afflicted 3 at the Village -- 2 in the Ministers house one of them a grown person the other a Child the growne person was the Mrs of the house, the Younger person was one Abigail Williams also Mary Walkutt on Wednesday last, I doe it by Roling up a handcherchif & Soe Imagining to be a representation of a person -- the Divel Doth it Some times the Divell Sturred Me Up to hurt the Ministers Wife -- I was Baptized at the falls at Newberry in the River he dipt my head into the Watt'r. but doe not Remember w't he S'd there were not above 7 Baptiz'd Viz Mrs Brad'y Goody Nurse Goody How -- When they Signed the book the Divel told them they Should over Come & Prevail the witches are all afaird they Shall al Come out & the Divel threatens if I come not Unto this Quarrell he will tear me in peaces -- After this Rich'd would take the afflicted persons by the hand w'th out hurting of them & asked forgiveness --