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SWP No. 28.1

(Recognizance for Bethia Carter, Sr. by John Pierson & George Lilly)

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[December 8, 1692]


That on the 8'th. Day of Decemb'r 1692 in the fowert Year of
the Reign of our Soveraign Lord & Lady William & Mary by the
Grace of God of England &c King & Queen Defenders of the faith
personally Appeared before us James Russell & Sam'll Heman Esq'r
of their Majests Councill & province of the Massachusets Bay in New
England & Justices of Peace within the Same John Pierson & George Lylly of Lin in the County of Essex husbandman, And acknowledged
themselves & Each of them to be indebted unto our Said Lord
& Lady the King & Queen & the Survivor of them their Heires & Suc-
cessors in the Some of (two hundred pounds to be leavied on their
or Either of their goods or Chattels Lands or Tennements for the
use of our Said Lord & Lady the King & Queen or Survivor of them
if Default be made in the [pbar ]formance of the Condition under-
written --

The Condition of the Above Recognizance is Such that where as
Bethya Carter of Wooburn Widdow in the County of Middlesex
Stands Charged with Suspition of the horrible Sin of witchcraft
& was Committed to Goale for the same; If therefore the Aforesaid
Bethya Carter who is Suspected as Abovs'd, Shall make her personall
Appearance before the Justices of our Said Lord & Lady the King
& Queen at the Next Court of Assize Oyer & Terminer & Generall
Goall delivery to be holden for & within the County of Middle-
sex . Afores'd to Answere what Shall be objected against her in their
Majests behalf refering to Witchcraft & to do & receive that w'ch by
Said Court shall be then & there injoned her & not depart without
licence then the Above Recognizance to be void or elce to remain in
full force & virtue Capt & Recognit Die prediet Cor.

*Ja: Russell
*Samuell Hayman

Bethya Carter , Recognizance
appear at Middlesex Ct.
( Suffolk Court Files, Vol. 32, docket No. 2697 Page 22. )