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SWP No. 13.15

( Testimony of Mary Warren v. Bridget Bishop, Elizabeth Cary, and Ann Pudeator )

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[June 1, 1692 ]

Mary Warren aged 20: yeares or thereabouts testifyeth & saith That
severall times after the Nyneteenth day of April last when Bridgett Bishop
als Olliver who was in the Gaol at Salem she did appear to
this depon't tempting her to signe the book & oft times during her
being there as afores'd the s'd Bridgett did torture & afflict this
depon't & being in Chaines said tho: she could not do it, she would
bring one that #[m's Cary to] should doe it which now she knowes to be
m's Cary that then came & afflicted her,

Sworne before us the 1. day of June 1692

*John Hathorne
*Jonathan. Corwin {

Sarah Churchw[Lost] [= Churchwell] agt pudeater
( (continuation of SWP No. 113.2. Essex County Court Archives, Salem - Witchcraft vol. 1, no. 262.)