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SWP No. 137.37

(Mary Walcott v. John Willard )

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The Deposishion of mary walcott agged above 17 years who testifieth & saith that on the 15'th of may 1692 I saw the apperishtion of John willard who did Immediately affect me most greviously and urged me greviously to write in his book and so he hath contineued eversence greviously torturing by times and threating to kill me if I would not write in his book and he also tould me that he had bewitched his grandfather wilknes: and I being caried up to wills hill on the: 16'th of may a litle before night I saw their the Apperishtion of John #[Wilknes] Willard a choaking Daniell wilknes also on the 18'th may being the day of his examination I was most greviously tortored by him dureing the time of his examination for if he did but look personally upon me he would Immediately strick me down or allmost choak me to death: also severall times during the time of his examination I saw the Apperishtion of John #[Wilk] Willard go from him and afflect the bodyes of mircy lewes Abigail williams Elizabeth Hubburd. and ann putnam Junr

Marry Wallcot: upone the Reading of this har testimony to har. did on the oath shi hath takin: owne it to be the truth before us the Juriars for Inquest: this 3'd of June. 92

Jurat in Curia
(On Reverse) Mary Walcott ag't John Willard
( Boston Public Library -- Dept. of Rare Books and Manuscripts [ 1939 acquisition ])