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SWP No. 16.12

( Deposition of Richard Carr and Zerubable Endicott v. Mary Bradbury )

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[+ September 9, 1692]

The deposistion of Richard: Carr who testifieth and saith.
that about 13 years ago presently after sume Diferance that hap-
pened to be between my Hon'rd father mr George Carr: and Mis Bradbery the prisoner at the barr upon a Sabboth at noon as we
ware riding hom by the house of Capt Tho: Bradbery I saw mis Bradbery goe into hir gate turne the corner of and Immediately there
derted out of hir gate a blue boar and darted at my fathers horses
ledgs which made him stumble but I saw it no more and my father
said boys what doe you se: we both answed a blue bore:

Zorobabell Endicott testifieth and saith that I lived att mr George Carr: now deceased att the time above mentioned and was
present with mr George Carr and mr Richard Carr and I also saw a
blue bore dart out of mr Brdbery gate to Mr Gorge Carrs horses
ledges which mad him stumble affter a strange manr and I also saw
the blue bore dart from mr carrs horses ledgs in att mis Bradberys
window: and mr carr immediately said boys what did you see and we
both said a blue bore then said he from whence came it and we said
out of mr Bradberys gate. then said he I am glad you see itt as well
[a]s wel[l] as I. Jurat in Curia Sep'r 9'th 92

& they both further say on their Oathes that mr Carr discoursed w'th
them as they went home about what had happened and they all con-
cluded that it was mrs Bradbury that so app'rd as a blue boar.

(Reverse) Richard Carr Zorobable Endecott

(Essex County Court Archives, Salem - Witchcraft Salem, vol. 2, no. 80.)