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SWP No. 24.10

(Deposition of John Rogers v. Martha Carrier )

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[August 2, 1692 ]

The deposition of John Rogger of Billreca aged 50 yeares or
Thereabouts Saith

That about Seven yeares since Martha Carrier being a Nigh Neig-
bour unto this depon't and there hapening some difference betwixt
us she gave forth severall threatning words as she often used to doe
and in a short time after this deponent had two large lusty Sowes
w'ch frequented home daily that were lost & this deponent: found
one of them dead Nigh the s'd Carriers house w'th both Eares cut
of & the other sow I Never heard of to this day; & the same summer
to the best of my rembrance I had a Cow w'ch used to give a good
Mess of milke twice a day & of a sudden she would give little or
None Every Morning though a Nights she gave as formerly and
this Continued above the space of a month in w'ch time I had three
Meals milke on three severall Mornings not successively: and no
more though One Night three of us Watched the Cow all night
#[one night] yet I could have no milke in the morning of her
& about the monthes End she gave milke as formerly she used, by all
w'ch. I did in my Conscience beleive then in the day of it & have so
done Ever since & doe yet beleive that Martha Carrier was the occa-
sion of those Ill accidents. by Meanes of Witchcraft she being a very
Malicous Woman & further Saith Not

marke of

John Rogger
Inq'd Sam Holt Andover about M.C. Capt Danforth Billerica
(Reverse) Jno Rogger of Billrica Ver: Marth: Carrier Court O.
& Ter. by Adjt Aug't 2.92 Carrier
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 No. 315 )