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SWP No. 24.16

(Deposition of Mary Walcott v. Martha Carrier )

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[July 1, 1692]

The deposistion of Mary Walcott agged about 18 years who testifi-
eth and saith that I have ben a long time afflected by a woman
which tould me hir name was Carrier and that she came from Ande-
vor but on the 31'th may 1692 : martha Carrier of Andever did most
greviously torment me dureing the time of hir Examination by
biting pricking pinching and all most Choaking me to death for if
she did but look upon me she would strik me down or allmost
Choak me to death also on the day of hir Examination I saw martha Carrier most greviously torment and afflect mercy lewes Elizabeth Hubburd abigail williams and ann putnam jun'r by most dreadfully
pricking and claping hir hand on their throats and allmost choaking
them to death and with such cruell tortors as no toung can Express:
that had not the Hon'rd Majestrats Command hir to be bound fast
#[heart I beleve] she would have quickly kild sum of us: and I
beleve in my heart that Martha carrier is a most dreadfull wicth and
that she hath tormented me and the parsons affore named by hir
acts of wicthcraf

Mary Walcot: owned: to: the Jury of inquest that the above written
evidence: is the truth. upon the oath she hath taken: July 1: 1692