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SWP No. 24.13

(Deposition of Allen Toothaker v. Martha Carrier )

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[+ August 3, 1692 ]

The deposition of Allin Toothaker aged about 22 years Saith
I heard Martha Carrier Saÿ that Benjamin Abbutt would wish he
had not medled with that land so Near our houwse for she would
stick as Cols to him as the barck to the tree, afore seaven years Com
a bout, & that doctor prescott should Never Cure him, & a bout last
march Richard Carrier & mÿ selfe had som difference, & said Rich-
ard pulled me downe by the haer of mÿ head to the ground for to
beat me: I desired him to lett me Risse, when I was up I went to
strick at him, but I fell downe flate upon my back to the ground
& had not power to ster hand Nor foote, then I toold sayd Richard
I would yeald to him & owne him the best man & then I saw Martha Carrier goe of from mÿ brest, butt when I was Rissen up I saw non of
her, I was Wounded in the Warre, Martha Carrier tould me I Would
Never be Cured, afore she was Aprehended I Could thrust in mÿ
Wound a knitting Nedle four Inches deep but, since she have been
Taken I am thorowlÿ healed: and have had more Ease then I have
had in halfe a year before Sometimes when Martha Carrier & I had
some difference she would Clap her hand at me & saÿ I should gett.
Nothing by it: & #[still] with i[numl ] a daÿ, or two: I lost a three year
old heffer: Next a yealin: & then a Couw; & then had som litle dif-
ference a gaine & lost a yearlin, #[ -- -- these aboves'd Creatures
which died, I could not Learn of any reason for their -- -- ] And I
knowe not of any naturall Causes of the death of the abovs'd Crea-
tures , but have always feared it hath been the effect of my Aunt
Martha Carrier her malice:

Jurat in Curia
his mark

Allen Toothaker
(Reverse) Allen Toothaker
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 No. 317 )