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SWP No. 87.7

(Examination of Mary Lacey, Jr.)

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Tell all the truth. A. I cannot yet. Q. Did you use at any time to ride upon a stick or pole?
A. Yes. Q. How high? A. Sometimes above the trees. Q. Your mother struck down these
afflicted persons, and she confessed so far, till at last she could shake hands with them
freely and do them no hurt. Be you also free and tell the truth. What sort of worship did
you do the Devil? A. He bid me pray to him and serve him and said he was a god and
lord to me. Q. What meetings have you been at, at the village? A. I was once there and
Richard Carrier rode with me on a pole, and the Devil carried us. Q. Did not some speak
to you to afflict the people there? A. Yes, the Devil. Q. Was there not a man also among
you there? A. None but the Devil. Q. What shape was the Devil in then? A. He was a
black man, and had a high crowned hat. Q. Your mother and your grandmother say there
was a minister there. How many men did you see there? A. I saw none but Richard
Carrier. Q. Did you see none else? A. There was a minister there, and I think he is now in
prison. Q. Were there not two ministers there? A. Cannot tell. Q. Was there not one Mr. Burroughs there? A. Yes.

The New England Historical & Genealogical Register and Antiquarian Journal, 1870 edition, p.401, "The Witchcraft Delusion of 1692" by Governor Thomas Hutchinson, from manuscript draft of his The History of the Province of Massachusetts Bay (1769).