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SWP No. 83.1

(Examination of Elizabeth Johnson, Jr. )

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[10 August 1692. ]

The Examination of Elizabeth Jonson Jun'r Taken Before Dudley Broads [torn] the 10 August 1692. She confesseth as followeth That Goody Carrier brought a book to her & she set her hand to it -- That Goody Carrier baptized her when she Baptized her Daughter Sarah & that Goody Carr'r told her she Should be Saved if she would be a witch -- That She had bin at Salem Village w'th Goody Carr'r & that She had been at the Mock Sacrement theire & Saw Mr Burroughs their She Conffesed She had afflicted Severall persons that the first She afflicted was lawrence Lacey & that She & Tho Carrier aflected Sarah phelps & Mary Walcutt & Ann Puttman , the 9th Instant & that She afflicted them this day as She Came to Twone and that She hath afflicted a Child of Ephrahm Davis the 9 Instant & this day by pinching it and that she afflicted ann Puttnam w'th a Spear That She and goody Carrier afflicted Benja' Abbott -- That Goody Toothaker & 2 of her Children ware w'th her the last night when She afflicted the children -- She also confsesed that one Dan'll Ems of Boxford was w'th. her one the 8th & 9th Instant at night & he afflicted Sarah Phelps , & told her he had been a witch Ever Since he ran away -- and that she had a hand in Afflicting Timo' Swan --

( Essex Institute Collection, no. 24, 5v, James Duncan Phillips Library, Peabody Essex Museum, Salem.)