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SWP No. 130.1

(Examination of Johanna Tyler )

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The Exa[mbar ] of Joanna Tyler taken Before Jno Higginson & Cap't Wade their Majesties Justices of the Peace for the County of Essex 16th Se[pbar ] 1692

about 2 Months agoe (but was Stopt) he Saith Somthing Speak to her & S'd that She Should not Confes She Sd Goode falkner pe'swaded her first & the black Man w'th her & he asked me if I would Sett my hand to his book he would lett me have fine Cloaths & when he Baptized Me if he S'd I Should be his for Ever & Ever she s'd she promised to serve the Divel & if I wished So & so w'th Respect to afflicting p'rsons it Should be done She made a Red Mark & he brought the trad w'th & she afflicted Sarah Wilson & Sarah Phelps She Saith She knows the Divel went in her shape to M'r Bernards Where Sarah Wilson was Confesing to hind'r her--& asked me if I was Willing he Should goe in my Shape She S'd Good'e falkner was before her Now on the table to hind'r her She was at a witch metting at Chandler' pasture

*John Higginson

*Th[obar ]: Wade

( Essex Institute MSS. Collection )