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SWP No. 97.8

(Mary Warren v. Alice Parker )

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Mary: Warin : upon oath: affirms to the Jury of Inquest: that: she hath seen Alice Parker afflict: Mary Walcot: Eliz Hubbard An Putnam: & goodwife Vibber the last night: by choking: them & squeezing them: s'd Parker: has afflicted me: has brought me the book: to siign to she brought: me a poppit: & a needle: & thretned: to stab: me if I would not stick the needle into the Poppit: & she did run: the needle a little way into me: s'd Parker s'd she was a caus: of the death of Tho Wastgate: and crew: that was foundred in the sea: she was also a caus: of the death of goodwife ormes her son: that was drown'd before: there dore: and was a caus of the death of Jno Serles his -- boy: she was the caus also of: Michael Chapmans: Death in Boston harbour: she also told me she: bewiched my mother & was a caus of her death: also that: she bewiched my sister: Eliz: that is both deaf & dumb: September: 7. 92