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SWP No. 97.8

( Testimony of John Bullock v. Alice Parker )

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[+ September 7, 1692. ]

Jno Bullock aged 36 years testifieth that aboute the middle of January last past one of my neighbors told me that mrs park'r did lay upon the durt & Snow if I did not take care of her that she would perish where upon I did desire Some men that were in mye hous to goe & help her: & when they Came to her that they would not meddle because they thought she was ded there being a neighbor by said she saw her before in such kind of fits: then I perswaded one man bye; to take her upon his Shoulders & Carrye her home but in a little way going he let her fall upon a place of Stones: w'ch did not awake her w'ch Caused me to thinke she was really dead after that wee Carryed her into her hous & Caused her Cloaths to be taken of & while we were taking of her Cloaths to put her into bed She rises up & laughs in o'r faces.

Martha Dutch aged abo't 36 years: testifyeth: to the A bove written and farthar saith that I have sene said parker in such a Condition severall othar tims

Jurat in Curia Sep'r 7: 92.
*S Sewall Cle
(Reverse) John Bullock depo
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 2 No.67 )