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SWP No. 38.12

( Deposition of Edward Putnam and Ezekiel Cheever v. Martha Corey )

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[September 8, 1692]

The deposition of Edward Putnum aged about 36 years and Eze- kiel Cheever aged about 37 years testifieth and sayeth that wee being
often complained unto by An Putnum that goode Corie did often
appear to her and tortor her by pinching and other wayes thought
it our duty to goe to her and see what shee would say to this com-
plaint shee being in church covenant with us.

and accordingly upon the 12'th day of march about ten of the
clock we appointed to goe about the midle afternoon, and wee de-
sired An Putnam to take good notice of what cloathes goode Corie
came in that so we might see whither shee was not mistaken in the
person, and accordingly wee went to the house of Thomas Putnum
before we went to goode Corie to see what An could say about
her cloathes. and shee told us that presently after we had #[spoken]
told her that we would goe and talke with goode Corie shee came
and blinded her but told her that her name was Corie and that shee
should see her no more before it was night because she should not
tell us what cloathes shee had on and then shee would come again
and pay her off.

then wee went both of us away from the house of Thomas Put- num to the house of Giles Corie where we found go the abovesaid
Corie all alone in her house and as soone as we came in. in a smil-
ing manner shee sayeth I know what you are come for you are come
to talke with me about being a witch but I am none I cannot helpe
peoples talking of me Edward Putnum answered her that it was the
afflicted person that did complain of her that was the occasion of
our coming to her. she presently replied but does shee tell you what
cloathes I have on we made her no answer to this at her first asking
where upon shee asked us again with very great eagernes but does
she tell you what cloathes I have on at which questions with that
eagernes of mind. with which shee did aske made us to thinke of
what An Putnum had told us before wee went to her. #[to which]
and wee told her no shee did not for shee told us that you came and
blinded her and told her that shee should see you no more before
it was night that so shee might not tell us what cloathes you had
on. shee made but litle answer to this but seemed to smile at it as
if shee had showed us a pretty trick

we had a great deal of talke with her about the complaint that was
of her and how greatly the name of God and religion and thee
church was dishonured by this meanes but shee seemed to be no
way conserned for any thing about it but only to stop the mouthes
of people that they might not say thus of her shee told us that shee did
not thinke that they were accused for shee said if they were wee
could not blame the devill for making witches of them for they were
idle sloathfull persons and minded nothing that was good. but we
had no reason to thinke so of her for shee had made a profession of
christ and rejoyced to go and hear the word of god and the like.
but we told her it was not her making an out ward profession that
would clear her from being a witch for it had often been so in the
wourld that witches had crept into the churches: much more dis-
course we had with her but shee made her profession a cloake to
cover all she furder told us that the devill was come down amongst
us in great rage and that God had forsaken the earth. and after much
discourse with her being to much here to be related we returned to
the house of the above said Thomas Putnum and we found that shee
had done as shee said shee would for shee came not to hurt the above
said Putnum as #[shee] Ann Putnam told us all this time but after
we were gone we understand that shee came again as shee did use to
doe before greatly afflicting of her

we doe furder testifie that upon her examination shee accordeng to
what was said of her that shee would open thee eyes of the magis-
trates and ministers. so shee did for shee made a most clear discovery
witchcraft for by biting her lip it was observed that the afflicted #
[children] persons were bit when that was discovered then we ob-
served that shee would #[pinch] pinch them by niping her fingers
togeather and when that was discovered and her hands held then
shee afflict them by working with her foot and when that was dis-
covered then shee pressed upon the seate with her breast and mistress Pope was greatly afflicted by great pressure upon her stomack

Jurat in Curia Sept. 8. 92

(Reverse) Mr Ezekell Cheevers: affimd: to the Jury of inquest: that
he saw: Martha wife of Giles Cory examined before the majestrates:
at which time he observed that the s'd Cory: some times did: bite
her lip: and when she bit her lip: Mercy Lewis and Eliza'th Hubbard
and others of the afflicted persons: were bitten: also when s'd
Cory: pinched her fingers to gether: then mercy lewis & elizabeth Hubbard and others were pinched: and #[when] according to: the
motions of s'd martha Coryes body: so was the afflicted persons:
afflicted: this he affirmd to be true according to the best of his
observation: Mr Edward Putnam affirmd the same: to the Jury
of inquest that: Mr Cheevers doth. Mr Thomas Putnam affirmed
the same: all upon oathe all of them

Ed Putman
Eliza. Cheever

Edw'd Putnam & [Elz.] Cheever Deposition
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1, no. 39. )