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SWP No. 113.3

(Examination of Ann Pudeator )

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An Puddeater: examined before the Majestrates of Salem July 2: 92 Sarah: Churchwell: was bid to: say what she: had to say of her: You have charged her with bringing: the book to you:

A Yes. S'd: Churchwell

have you seen her since. A no:

goodwife Puddeater: you have: formerly: bin complaynd of: we now further enquire: here is one person: saith you brought her: the book which is Sarah Churchell: look on the person: ses Churchell: you did bring me the book: I was at goodman Jacobses

Puddeater s'd I never saw the woman before now::it was told Puddeater this mayd charged you with: bringing her: the book: at the last examinat'n Puddeater s'd I never saw: the devils book nor knew: that he had one L't Jer: Neal: was asked what he could say of this woman Neal s'd she had bin an ill carriaged woman: & since my wife has bin sick of the small pox: this woman has come to my house pretending kindnes: and I was glad to see it: she asked: whether she might use our morter: which was used: for my wife: and I consented to it: but I afterward repented of it: for the nurs told. me my wife was the wors: for senc she was very ill of a flux: which she had not before

When the officer came: for: Puddeater: the nurs s'd you are come to late for. my wife grew wors. till she dyed: s'd Pudeater had often thretned my wife:

Eliz Hubard: s'd she: had seen s'd Pudeater #(but she) s'd Mary Walcut: but she had not hurt her she had seen her with goodwife Nurs

goody Puddeater what did you doe with the ointments that you had in yo'r hous so many of them:: she s'd I never had ointment nor oyl but neats foot oyl in my hous since my husband dyed: but the Constable Joseph Neal affirmd she had: she had near 20 that had oynment or greas: in them: a little in a thing: she s'd she never had any oyntment but neats foot oyl: in the hous but what was in these things the Constabl. Speakes. of.

A: It was greas: to make sope of::but: why: did you put them in so many things when one would have held all: but answerd not the porpose: but the constabl. s'd o. oyntments were of several sorts

Sarah Vibber did you ever se this woman: before now answerd no An putnum s'd she had never seen: her but since she come: to Salem Town last: s'd Putman fell into a fitt: & s'd Puddeater: was commanded to take her by the wrist: & did & s'd Putnum was well presently: Many Warin fell into: two fitts quickly after. one another: & both times was helped: by s'd Puddeaters: taking her by the wrist

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 111 )