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SWP No. 92.20

( Deposition of Joseph Knight v. Susannah Martin )

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[June 29, 1692]

The Depossittion of Joseph knight aged about 40 yers

This Deponant doe testifie & saye that on the 20th Daye of October or thereabouts in the yere of o'r Lord 1686 Nathan'll Clarke Junj'r : of Newbery together with this Deponant going out into the woods together to fetch up horses there met with Susana Martaine of Amsbury with a litle Dog Runing by hir syde & in my sight shee tooke up s'd Dog under her arme but comeing up neere to hir she had a Kegg or a halfe feirkin under the same arme; this Deponant then lookt hir in the face & told hir that that kegg was a litle Dogg but nowe Nath'el. Clarke said soe it was: & then passing from hir we found our horses & brought them to a small Causwaye but Could not git them over but there being a small Knowle of land here: our horsses ran round about it the greatist parte of that daye we oftn bringing them up to the Causwaye but then they turned to that knowle & Ra[nbar ] about it the same waye but at length there Came a young man with a yoak of oxen to goe over the Causwaye who with some difficaultie got them over for altho the Causwaye was very good yet one of the oxen hung back as though he were frighted but at length were forct over & then we got over our horses.

Joseph knight ownid this his tistimony to be the truth: on his oath. before the Juryors of Inquest this 29. of June: 1692

(On reverse of paper) Joseph Knight elizabeth clark S. Martin

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 no. 190 )