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SWP No. 92.21

(Testimony of Elizabeth Clark v. Susannah Martin )

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[June 29, 1692]

Elizabeth Clark who then was the wife of the aboves'd. Nathaniell Clarke doe testifie that when my s'd husband Nath'll: Clarke Came home he told me this Deponant the matter mentioned in Joseph knights testimony & he related to me the wholl of the Matter & all the Sircumstances related in s'd testimony: excepting that my husband told Joseph knight that the Kegg under Goodwif martins arme was or had bin a dogg This Deponant doe further testie that goodwife martain aboves'd. Came to our house the same daye mentiond in Joseph knights testimony before my husband Came home & Comeing into the house our dog bit hir by the leg as she said whereupon She being angry said that he was a Churll lik his master

Elizabeth Clark ownid this har testimo to be the truth: on the oath which she had taken be fore: the Jury for Inquest: this 29. of June 1692

(On reverse side of paper) El. Clarke

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 70 )