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SWP No. 32.1

(Warrant for apprehension of Rachel Clinton, and Summons for Witnesses v. Rachel Clinton, and Officer’s Return )

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[March 29, 1692]

To the Constable of Ipswich --

Whereas There is Complaint Exhibbitted to the Honored Court now
holden at Ipswich -- In Behalfe of their majesties. against Rachell -- Formerly the Wife of
Lawrence Clenton of Ipswich on grounded Suspision of witchcraft,
& whereas Recognizance is Enterd, for prosecution --

You are hereby Required in their Majesties names forthwith or as
soon as may be to apprehend seize & bringe before the Honored
Court to be holden at Ipswich the sayd Rachell Clenton on the next
morrow morning at Eight a Clock In order to an orderly Examina-
tion , & Conviction & hereof fail not at Your perrill & for so doing
this shall be your warrant of which you are to make a true returne
as the Law derects:

Ipswich March 29'th 1692)

P Curiam *Tho's Wade Cler