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SWP No. 32.3

( Deposition of Mary Fuller, Sr. , v. Rachel Clenton ) [+ March 30, 1692 ]

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The Deposition of Mary fuller sen'or Aged About 41 years Saieth
About the 23 or fouorth of Last March: 1691/2 About Tenn of the
Clock Rachell Clenton cam to our house and Charged me with
Raisen Lies of hur About my Daughter and Mary Thorne and whille
she S'd Rachell was drawing: my Brother Joseph Fuller's boy Com in
and said their Betty was fall Downe Ded and this was as shee S'd
Rechell pased by: hur: A comming to our house and further Run up
to my Brothers Joseph Fullers house for the space of Three hours
with out any motission [motion] of Life. #[deponent testifief] spake I Get hur hold up hur hand
If S'd Rachell was the caus of it and shee ded: and when shee could
Speke shee S'd The womman with A white cape pased by and
struck hur: on the forehead:

( Suffolk Court Files, vol. 31, docket 2660, p. 140. )