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SWP No. 32.7

( James Fuller, Jr. , v. Rachel Clenton )

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[++ April 4, 1692 ]

The deposition of Jeams Fuller Junier aged about eighteen years
saith that on the 15'th Day of march Last: 1692 or there a bouts:
as to the Day: A bout 9 or 10: of the Clock: I was talking with Good- man Perry & telling him how the s'd mary Fuller my sister & Mary Thorn wer taken last night: & in the mene while, whilst he and I was
talking Rachell Clinton Cam in to our house & sat Downe by the fier
I asked hur what shee came bother for at this time of night, & shee
said shee Came to see what Lies them were that we raisd of hur
& I tould hur I Ded not know as I had Raisd Eny of hur: Presently
my onkles Boy Cam in & told me that ther Betty was Ded, and as
soon as Ever she s'd Rachall Herd them words: she run out of Dors:
and I followed hur as herd as I could & when I Came to the Dore I
could see nothing of hur: & it was a very Cler mone light night & I
Run up to my onkles: Joseph fullers House: to see what the matter
was: & ther I found the Gerle Dede as the boys told me; & s'd onkl
fuller & I took hur up & Carried hur in the house & so shee conti-
nued for the space of 3 or 4 hours: before ther was any Apperance
of Life in hur; & the next Day I asked hur whoe mad hur so Last
night & she told me: She See Sumthing stare up at the Corner of
the [Stope] & Shee went a little way towards it & it Loced So Basly
she turned A bout to Run a way from it & it followed her & Knocked
hur Down

( MS Ch K 1.40, vol. 2, p. 68, Boston Public Library, Dept. of Rare Books and Manuscripts )