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SWP No. 106.2

(Warrant for the Apprehension of Elizabeth Proctor & Sarah Cloyce and Officer's Return)

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[April 4, 1692

Salem Aprill. 4'th 1692

There Being Complaint this day made (Before us) by Capt Jonat Walcott , and Lt Nathaniell Ingersull both of Salem Village, in Behalfe of theire Majesties for themselfes and also for severall of their Neighbours Against Sarah Cloyce the wife of peter Cloyce of Salem Village; and Elizabeth Procter the wife of John Procter of Salem farmes for high Suspition of Sundry acts of Witchcraft donne or Committed by them upon the bodys of Abigail Williams , and John Indian both of Mr Sam parris his family of Salem Village and Mary Walcott daugter of one of the abovesaid Complainants, And Ann Putnam and Marcy Lewis of the famyly of Thomas Putnam of Salem Village whereby great hurt and dammage hath beene donne to the Bodys of s'd persons above named therefore Craved Justice.

You are therefore in theire Majest's names hereby required to apprehend and bring before us Sarah Cloyce the wife of peter Cloyce of Salem Village and Elizabeth procter the wife of John Procter of Salem farmes; on Munday Morneing Next being the Eleventh day of this Instant Aprill aboute Eleven of the Clock, at the publike Meeting house in the Towne, in order to theire Examination Relateing to the premises aboves'd and here of you are. not to faile Dated Salem Aprill 8'th 1692

To George Herick Marshall of the County of essex ]

*John Hathorne *Jonathan. Corwin ] Assists

You are like wise to warne & order Eliz Hubert and Mary Warren not to faile of being present at the aboves'd tyme & place to give in w't evedence thay know therein

Aprill. 11'th 1692 I have taken the persons of Sarah Cloycie and Elizabeth Procter and brought them befor this honorable Courte to answer above

I have allso warned the above named Elizabeth Hubbart to answer as above

pr *Geo. Herrick Marshall of Essex

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 No. 91.)