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SWP No. 14.2

(James Kettle v. Sarah Bishop )

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[+ May 20, 1692 ]

The deposition of James Kettle aged twenty seven years or there
about testyfieth & saith that I was att Docter Grigs his hous on the
tenth of this instant may & there saw Elizebeth Hubbard in severall
Fitts: and after her fits ware over she told me that she saw my two
Childdren Laying before her & that thay cry'd for vengance & that
Sarah Bishop bid her Look on them & said that she kiled them
& and thay were by her description much as they were when they
ware put in to there Coffins [to?] be buried & she told me that Sarah bishop told her [th]at I was going to burn akiln of potts & that she
would break them if she Could: & i took notice that while she was in
her Fitts that she Cried & held her apron before her face saying that
she would not se them Docter Grigs & his wife and John hues ware
thare present

(Reverse) [Sar]ah Bishop

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem - Witchcraft vol. 2, no. 116.)