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SWP No. 36.2

(Warrant No. 2 for the apprehension of Elizabeth Colson )

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[May 17, 1692 ]

You are likewise required to apprehend [] Coloson of Reding
single woman who we are Informed is gone from Reding to Boston
or Charlstowne, And who Also stands Charged w'th Sundry acts of
witchcraft by her Committed on the Bodys of Susannah Sheldon and
Others of Salem Village. and send her also to Salem in order to her
Examination there Relateing to the Premises afores'd --

Salem. 17'th 3 mo 1692

*John Hathorne --
*Jonathan. Corwin --
[Pbar ] ord'r of the Govern'r & Councill

( MS Ch A, vol. 2, p. 67, Rare Books & Manuscripts, Boston Public Library )