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SWP No. 34.4

(Examination of Sarah Cole )

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[October 3, 1692 ]

The Examination of Sarah Cole of Lynne Octob'r -- 3 -- 1692

She saith that the same night Capt Osgoods wife was examined She
saw Eliz: Colston & Abraham Coles wife come into her house person-
ally to her apprehension and Jno Wilkinsons wife of Malden & one
of her sisters & a little Girle she did not know; about 10 years old
one of them had a piece of board w'th. nails in it thro the board at
the end about a foot long as broad as her hand, That one of her
children was sorely afflected at that time, and s'd one of them did
strike her on the head w'th s'd board. They seemed to turn side
ways and so were gone w'ch was about midnight -- The child was
afflicted till Abr. Coles wife was take up. The beginning of the af-
fliction in our family was upon a fast Day about a month agoe Abrah. Coles wife was at my house She Commended my children much for
pretty children & they w'r both taken sick my boy & girle, the
Girle s'd she saw A. Coles wife afflict her severall times, had pins
thrust into her, was bit & scratched had a blow on her nose w'ch
caused her [to] nose to run Down w'th blood the last fit my child
had and Complained of her Aunt Cole was when s'd A. Coles wife
was brought to Salem

One night being in bed I was sorely afflicted and saw a ball of fire I
arose to see w't was the matter before I got a light it went away --
the last thing I saw was a Dog w'ch I went to strike w'th a spade and
was beat down my self this was about a week ago The Dog went out
at a crack: in the side of the house --

Mary Warren being afflicted was brought to Goody Coale & w'th her
touch was recovered. & looked on her twice & struck her downe
& recovered her w'th her hand Mary Warren said that she had sen this
Coale many times with Goody Hart & another wo. & that she had
not afflicted her till this night; & said that a woman that said her
name was baites & a Child both stoad up before her & beged for
Vengance, Coale owned that she & some others toyed w'th a Venus
glase & an Egg. what trade their sweet harts should be of