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SWP No. 34.8

( Deposition of Elizabeth Wellman v. Sarah Cole )

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[+ October 3, 1692 ]

The deposision of eelizzebeth Wellman aged forty five testifieth
and saith that she saw Sarah Cole the wif of John Cole the Cooper
liveing in the [house] of him goin [on a] in a plaine wood in august
past and she had cast the scirt of her garment over her neck, and she
saw a black thing of a considerable bigness goe by her sid and as soon
as Sarah Cole came against a tree that lay upon the ground This black
thing was gon and be sene no more and Sarah Cole going a little
further turnd hir, face out to me she Claspt hir hands together and
swong them twice overe hir head was gon and I coold se hir no more
and when I came to the place whare she toock hir Flite I lookt for
hir but coold not se hir. further saith not 1692