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SWP No. 34.9

( Deposition of John Brown v. Sarah Cole )

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[January 11, 1693 ]

The Deposition of Jno Browne aged about twenty five years: This
Deponant Testifieth & saith that about the latter end of August Last 1692 being at the house of Jno Dole: coming out of s'd house
Sarah Cole leaving her husband talking with mee, she Broke out into
these expressions, that all Church members were Devills & that her
husband was going to be a Devill too hee was then going to Joine
with the Church; whereupon I s'd Browne Replyed to her she had
often expressed her selfe very Badly & that if she didnot suddenly
amend & leave of such expressions against Church members, their
was them that would take notice of it & she must answer for such
speeches wherupon she was silent & looked stedfastly upon mee
& I was taken Ile #[in about a week] presently as my evidence doth De-
clare . Owned before the Grand jury by Jno Browne Jany'y 11'th
1692 upon the oath hee had taken. Jno Testified to the above s'd
upon the oath hee had taken January 11'th 1693 Attests

*Robert Payne

(Reverse) The s'd Jno Browne further saith
That upon the said John Brownes being desired to adjust sum Dam-
ages Don by said Sarah Coles hogs had don to Abraham Welman that
is as he believed about a fortnight aft'r he having been as afores'd he
Desired an Indian puding to be made w'ch was don and the flower
and suet white and good when put into the pott but when Came out
was red like a blud puding w'ch he believes was done by Sarah Cole
who had thretened him for medling w'th the [pbar ]ding the Damages
saying he had better not to have done.
(Suffolk Court Files, vol. 32, docket no. 2712 p. 49)