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SWP No. 137.17

(Susanna Sheldon v. John Willard , Elizabeth Colson , George Jacobs, Jr. , Rebecca Jacobs , John Proctor , and Elizabeth Proctor )

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May 17'th #(of) In the yeare 92 the Complainte of Sewzanah Shellten saith that Elizabeth Colson Remaynes in Afflicting of the said Shellten night & day. And Allso mrs white also John willard Remaines in Afflicting of hur both day and night also mr Inglish. and his wife Remaines afflicting of hure both night and day

#(J) Googe Jacobs and his wife afflicting of hur the last lords day and tempting the said Shellten to sete her hand to the booke thay both appearing yesterday againe And would. have hur sete hur #(to sete) hand to the booke the said Shelten said she would not then she she said she would stabb hur then sudenly she Reseaved A sore wound on hur lifte side then: Ellizebeth Colson stabbing of hur one the back Right against the other woundes soe that she spente blood then goody prockter Appearing to her and Afflicting of hur and tempting hur to sete hur hand to the booke And last night goody prockter Appearing againe and would have hur sete hur hand to the booke and towld hur that she hade sete hur hand to the booke a grete while agooe. also s'd Shelden has severall times seen Jno procter and his wife afflict Mary Warin: -- senc they. s'd procker: & his wife were in prison

(On reverse side of paper) Susannah Shelden ag't Jno Willard Eliz Coleson Geo. Jacob & wife and Eliz. procter ag't G Buckly & daufter & G Hart

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 96 )